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Usually I try and make everything friends only, even the LoudTwitter and text posts
. who are you?
. why did you add me?
. you need to comment

the waiting game}

we're at the Ira Glass thing, and we basically stood in line for... a while. XD it's not as long as the line to get Homer Hickam's autograph, but it was still long.

So at the bookstore, nothing interesting happened... I gave my dad five bucks to get me coffee and he didn't come back for an hour. My mom ended up buying me coffee, and I got my money back. I used said money to buy the soundtrack to A Clockwork Orange on vinyl, so I was pleased about that.

......... it's cold outside, hot inside, and I keep wondering if I'll be home in time to talk to Ailidh cos I miss her. Also: do you know how hard it is to draw nerdy children? ;; I had this character in mind that I might name Darla, and she's sort of nerdy. 8D

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Writer's Block: Under the Tree

What gifts, big or small, are you hoping to find under the tree this year?

Right now I'm hoping to find a new house, a nice one, with some electricity that works. A more achievable thing might be a record player.

But yeah. One half of the house is out now. Including my room. I have homework and I can't do it because the crucial lights don't work.

Writer's Block: Where your memories began.

What is your earliest memory of your life?

... I think it might have been when I was about four years old and I used to go to this preschool around where my aunt went to college (and she had a bunny. He ran away. XD) so I used to be going to this preschool until it got really dark because my mom was working nights and she couldn't pick me up, my dad worked at a bookstore and I don't remember where my younger brother was but he was just sort of with someone else.

Actually come t'think of it he might have gone with my mom when she was working at HP (a duck bit me on my foot there. Stupid bastard duck thing) ANYROAD I went to this preschool and once it got to be about eight o'clock, my best friend Israel had gone home and I was left by myself so eventually I was getting nervous because nobody had come to get me until my aunt showed up to see if I was still there, took me to WOU and got me a pretzel.

About the same time (dunno if it was before or after) there was this idiot of a kid going to the preschool I don't even remember his name now... but at nap time he would stand at the door of the room where we kept our mats and every time I would go up he would block it and ask me my name. When I told him it he'd make fun of me but let me in. So one day I told him I didn't have a name and he hauled off an' punched me in the stomach. I avoided him (Israel got angry at 'im though, God I wish I still talked to him D:) but we went down to the Gross-Moter Room (or however it's spelled the point is it was raining and we had mats an' climbing stuff down there so it was like outside only darker and there wasn't slides) and Israel and I were playing but that same kid came over and chucked a ball at my head.

So Israel got all pissed off again and went after him then the kid punched ISRAEL and I called the kid stupid so he kicked me in the leg and somehow Israel and I got in trouble. Then they told my parents. I think they were angry, but not as angry as the time I threw rocks (but in my own defense, at that point I was six and nobody had told me throwing rocks was a bad thing to do... my first grade teacher still made me out to be some horrible beastie from hell, though. She walks by and says "this is an example of irresponsibility". I wanted to cry, and smack her... her and her stupid "you can't hold a pencil this way" thing...)

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I didn't learn anything today Oo;

Or the day before.
I just drew weird pictures... I need to find a style and stick with it before I go insane or something.
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My softball was canceled again over a little wind. Really, Michelle? O RLY? I'm so tired of getting ready and then finding out it's been canceled. -cue the doom music-
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